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Computation of Attorneys Fees

In Conservatorship of Levitt

Consolidated Appeals from

Conservatorship of Joel Levitt & Conservatorship of Peggy Page

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Fees Awarded in Conservatorship of Levitt

High Lawyer Overhead Prevents

Abused Elders from Getting Protected

1.  See discussion below

2.  See Dec. 14, 2001 Daily Journal article by Lawrence R. Jensen



Total Fees

Average Hourly Rate









Page + Levitt



$193.81 =


$193 is beneath the the $200/hour rate paid by Court to Volunteer Panel Attorneys.  $193/hr. is beneath elder abuse litigation lawyer overhead: öö

High law office overhead prevents elders from getting lawyers to protect them.


Conservatorship of Joel Levitt Conservatorship of Peggy Page
None, because Levitt had more than enough money to pay the fees, and he was living in a nursing home, where Medi-Cal would have covered all his needs, if he lived long enough to exhaust the funds that Hankin protected from Levitt's abuser. None, because Page had been deceased for a number of months, as Hankin explained in his petition for fees.
Family members paid an an initial retainer of $5,000, and supported the subsequent fee petition by Hankin  When Hankin was considering taking the case, several family members (not including Katherine Stanley) wrote letters to him warning that they would not be responsible for (or pay) any of attorney's fees
No need for funds.  Levitt was living in a nursing home, and visited frequently by his family.  Medi-Cal would cover Levitt's living expenses and medical care, if Levitt's funds (which wererecovered and preserved due to the attorney's services) were ever exhausted. No need for funds.  Deceased, after receiving excellent care from Professional Consevator, Frumeh Labow, and from Peggy's niece, Kathrine Stanley, and the nursing home where Page eventually died.
3+ 3+
324 363
Conservatorship Litigator's Minimum Overhead =


Conservatorship Litigator's  Minimum Overhead =


$197.53 $190.08
$64,000.00 $69,000.00
Hankin requested attorney’s fees of $72,537.14


0% 0%
0% 0%
0% 0%

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